Why Have Underfloor Heating?

under floor heating kitIt’s very important in winter to take the right precautions to keep your home warm. There are a number of a ways to do this, such as covering bare floorboards with rugs or carpets, making sure you’ve got proper insulation in the walls and ceilings, especially in your attic, and something simple but important like keeping your doors closed and making sure the curtains are shut at night to keep the cold out. A way to keep your entire house warm in the winter is underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating can either be electric or wet. Electric underfloor heating is where heat mats are installed under your floorboards, and wet underfloor heating is where water is pumped through pipes under the floor. For the mats a good material to use would be extruded polystyrene foam due to the fact that it is rot-resistant, easy to handle, lightweight and can be varied depths. Either way, underfloor heating basically acts a low-level radiator that heats the rooms from the feet up. It is a lot more efficient than a radiator, as a radiator will just be on one wall heating that side, but whether underfloor heating is in just one room or in the whole house, the floor will be heated and also heat will be evenly distributed around the room. Furthermore, the radiator is very often covered up by a big piece of furniture like a sofa, which simply just absorbs all the heat so none is getting around the room.

Positives of Underfloor Heating Negatives of Underfloor Heating
It can be installed under a range of floorings, such as ceramic, stone and laminate. Stone and ceramic are recommended as they are conductors and remain heated for longer. Depending on your underfloor heating kit is installed in impacts the effectiveness. Conductors such as ceramic and stone are recommended for effectiveness.
It can be installed on a multi zone basis, meaning you can control the heating with individual thermometers, maintaining ambient temperature which is very efficient. British weather is unpredictable, and the impact of underfloor heating is not immediate. For a quick blast of heat, using regular central heating is advised.


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Don’t feel like you have to put up with a temperamental central heating system anymore, whether its electric or wet underfloor heating get it installed and know that you have more control over the heat in your house whilst also it being good for the environment and your energy bills.




Why enrich the landlord when you can still pay rent and own a home?

If you want to buy a home or property and your current credit status doesn’t allow you to borrow enough in an open market, why not take advantage of shared ownership in Enfield. With this kind of arrangement, you don’t need to fork the whole amount of the money needed to buy the property of your choice.

Shared ownership arrangements are made possible by housing associations, housing trusts, cooperatives, and private developers. Essentially, you buy a share of your home and continue paying rent on the remaining share to the housing association that own the property. Normally, the stake is pegged at between 25 percent to 75 percent of the property’s value. Though you partly own the property with the housing association, you have the full occupancy rights. Additionally, you are expected to contribute to any maintenance works.

marine wharfIn the UK, the Housing Corporation, which is a governmental agency that regulates housing associations and also funds new and affordable homes, is the first to check if you want a shared ownership mortgage. They are the ones who keep the list of the housing associations that provide shared ownership mortgage. You only need to tell them your preferred area where you wish to your home. They will gladly connect you with the housing associations offering that kind of service.

Different housing associations offer varying shared ownership schemes and it’s advisable to check with Housing Corporation to which schemes suits you and whether you are eligible or not. Ordinarily, you apply to the housing association directly.

Sure, shared ownership in Southwark has its pitfalls, but the benefits outweigh renting a home. Here are some advantages that come with shared ownership:

Stability: When paying rent, you happily do so because some few years down the line you will own the home. You also don’t need to worry that you will be displacing your family from an area or withdraw your kids from school. In addition, you don’t need to worry that the landlord will be reviewing your lease or kick you out altogether if they want to sell their property.

Equity appreciation: Ideally, your share of equity continues to appreciate over time. Basically, what this means is that you are now a lot richer than when bought your share of the home. Certainly, equity appreciation in a first home helps you to get a step onto the property ladder.

Borrowing: If you wish to secure a loan or any credit, your share of equity can comfortably allow you to do so.

Additional shares: You can buy more of your home or increase your share and, therefore, reduce your rent.

Sell property: If you so wish, you can sell your home anytime. Of course at an appreciated value.

Tips for first-time property buyers

Investing in property is an important matter that necessitates for reading the documents carefully because of the terms and conditions involved in them.  The challenge of buying a property for the first time can be seriously daunting task because of the price concerns, type of property needed, the surrounding area concerns and even the commission matters. In this regard, there are certain factors that need to be carried out in getting the suitable property at the right time. Say, if the matter is that of the buying the home; then, the aspirant buyer is required to consider certain things as mentioned here under:

  1. At an initial level, there is a need to understand for the buyer as to what kind of home is needed. In this regard, it varies from one bedroom flat, 2 bedrooms flat, an apartment or even a villa. With so many options available to the person willing to buy a home, one can check out the type that suits the family size. Besides the family size, it is all about considering the budget and the amount of luxury stay required. This helps the person to select the home of their dream as per requirement.
  2. Another thing to consider for the first time home buyer is that they should check out as to the important places is in easy accessibility. By this, it means that the school, hospital, doctor and market should be within less distance from the home. In this way, the time consumption and the money saving can be easily done. Moreover, such essential places can be accessed in emergency; especially the hospital and doctor’s clinic. This is the reason that the aspirant property buyers should consider these features.
  3. In buying the dream home, it is quite possible for the people to see that they are well financed. For the ones, who cannot afford the cost, the home loan or finance services are available with various banks as well as financial institutions. In this regard, it is necessary for the prospective home buyers needs to check with the real estate agent that a particular home is eligible for the home loan. This will ensure better purchasing factors for the aspirant home buyers.

When it comes to buying the home, there are lots of considerations to be taken place. This is not a decision to be taken in haste; but, a lot of factors have to be considered. In this regard, the person should take proper decision by consulting with the property experts because they are best knowledgeable about the saleable properties and the laws associated with them. After all, it is all about investing hard earned money and cautions have to be taken essentially.